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Story Behind the Switch

Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association’s traveling demonstration program about electricity has been going strong since 1983. 

“The Story Behind the Switch” is a 60-minute safety program presented by a Tri-State demonstrator, in partnership with your local electric co-op, explaining how electricity is made and how it gets from the power plant to your home.

About 20 minutes of the program is dedicated to hands-on demonstrations, including a Van de Graaf generator, plasma ball and more. Students can also closely examine coal, samples of power lines and safety clothing worn by linemen.

The program targets fourth and fifth grade students throughout Tri-State’s service territory. There is no charge for the program for Tri-State member systems.


For more information contact your local electric cooperative coordinator, Karen Wisdom, at (505) 367-1146 or via e-mail: to schedule a presentation. 

Below, photos of current presentations made by our Tri-State Relationship Manager, Robert Adams, at James H. Rodriguez Elementary and ETS Fairview Elementary. 


Teachers:  If you're interested in presenting something similar, below are resources you can utlize in your classroom

Teachers's Guide

Story Behind the Switch


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