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Net Metering

Net Metering Program for Qualifying Facilities - Customer Owned Renewable Energy Producers

Any consumer owned qualifying facility with a generation capacity of up to 30kW can tie into our electric distribution system. Currently JMEC will apply a kWh credit for each excess kWh produced (Net Metering). This incentive is one kWh produced for one kWh used at the current bill rate. When there is more produced then used for any given month the excess is rolled over to the next month with April as the settle up month. The excess that is not netted out over the year will be paid at JMEC's avoided cost as filed with the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission per rule 17.9.570.11.  Under current Rate 3 for Large Power Service systems of up to 30 KW will be billed as mentioned above.  Systems that are 30 KW and over will be metered and billed for all of the electricity they use and be metered and paid the currently filed avoided cost for all of the electricity that is produced by the qualified facility.

Meters that are used with the Net Meter program (including Rate 3 systems under 30 KW) register positive (forward) for power used by you when needed from our electric system. The meter also registers negative (backward) for excess power generated by your system that goes back into our electric system. For example if you used 100 kWh and have 150 excess kWh delivered back on the system the 100 kWh would be subtracted from the current usage and the energy charge, fuel adjustment and DCA charges for the month would be zero and the 50 kWh would be carried over to the next month. The kWh balance is added to or subtracted from as needed to completely net out the kWh for the current month before calculating any charges.

More detailed explanation is the works

The process is simple*:

1.    Turn in Jemez Electric interconnect application, $50.00 application fee, site map and one line diagram.
2.    Submit your certificate of completion after the State Inspections approval.
3.    Connect is then done after application approval, interconnect agreement is signed and electrical permits are cleared.

Click here for Interconnect application, interconnect agreement and certificate of completion.

*If you are looking at something more aggressive, over 10kW, a more extensive application process and different fees will apply.

Download NM Interconnection Manual 


For questions or more information:
(505) 753-2105 or (888)755-2105

Engineering Department – Tony Martinez
Regulatory and Tribal Liaison – Carmen Campbell


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